Adverts in websites

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I’m no prolific blogger, writer or even person of deep reflective thoughts that everyone has to hear.  However, every now and then I want to rant at or tell someone about something I’ve seen, and when there’s no-one around, a blog is what is needed for me to return to what I was doing.  So here’s one. Whilst scouring the web for interesting vertical navigation ideas for a subnav I’m working on, I again stumbled across (which I was really fond of because of the stripped back design and typography).  However, this time, presumably because of their lovely design and new-found success, they had a hideous blob of unwelcome Ad-blurb-design-phlegm in the middle of their site (see picture).

At this point I must stress that I don’t know what the right thing is to do with making revenue from websites, and I’m not proposing any solutions because I know as well as any other web designer/developer that websites are constantly undervalued, and people expect a lot for not very much.  So, I can understand why people would want to encourage 3rd parties to advertise on their site for a small rental. BUT.  I don’t think this is an excuse to allow horrible, generic, incongruent splurges of frame-based design onto your extremely well thought out website.  I can absolutely guarantee that neither the original client nor the designer or developer who worked painstakingly on the website from its conception, would have allowed that sort of smear on their site to start with, so why now? What’s changed?

I don’t know what to say except it makes me sad, and generally I hate adverts.  I just don’t understand the whole advert thing anyway…how does it work?  Why is it possible for a poorly designed, obvious and deliberately manipulative device to still work and have an effect on the viewer? Why do people marvel at Facebook person specific advertising?  Why are there door to door salesmen, and aren’t they essentially relying on their ‘pursuasive/pushy/rude’ natural characteristics to make sales? This doesn’t seem clever or acceptable at all, yet it’s okay.

Please someone come up with a new way…and spend some money on your design for website-specific adverts.  Pay me? I’ll do it.

Anyway, rant over. Sorry for any ear bashing experienced…buy Coke.