Five Nice Shopify Themes

Posted by on May 1, 2012 in Some thoughts | No Comments

I’m a big fan of Shopify…it’s no secret.  More and more people do all their gift shopping (and selling) online, and I think we owe it to ourselves to have a nice time whilst we’re there.  So, in an attempt to champion beautifully designed shopping experiences, here are 5 of my favourite themes on Shopify.

Clearflex: Boutique

Responsive, clean and with just the right amount of interesting detail  to make your shop unique, Clearflex theme is money well spent.

Pop: Omocha 

Also clean and made by the very helpful and talented Tetchi, this theme is perfect for those with bright and vivid products who want a classy place to show them off.

Stitchy Theme

A little bit of shameless self-promotion here, but I’m pleased with the way this theme has been used and adapted by people who have purchased it, so I wanted to point it out to anyone who was interested.  Also, being one of the only themes under $100 I think it’s worth saying that Stitchy Theme is a bargain :)

Flex: Raven Prints

Well thought through, striking and some nice responsive touches, Flex is a gudd’un :)

Minimal: Music

A nice big banner area, simple lines and shapes with a centre aligned logo…Minimal is definitely a favourite.