Stitchy Theme on Shopify

Posted by on Mar 21, 2012 in Some thoughts | No Comments


I’ve just released my first theme for Shopify, available for purchase on their Theme Store (updated 30/01/15 – Available on Envato’s Theme Forest).

It’s a simple, friendly and fully social media’d up shopping theme with a second preset/variation in there called Water Colours to show you how it can be customised.

There are options to add/remove homepage carousels/content, change the site typography/colours and even how the buttons themselves.  Why not head over to Shopify and have a gander :)

A couple of thank yous are necessary for this being possible.  Firstly a thank you to my wife for the loan of the images on the first shop, which are from my wife’s business ‘The Homeless Button Society’ (on hold since Noah’s arrival).  Also importantly, a huge thank you to Binky Bristol for the photos of the beautiful t-shirts that embellish the second variation, Water Colours.  Their t-shirts are awesome, and without these lovely images, it would be hard to show off the possible combinations of products and design that can work with the theme.