Sweetsoul Bakes and an illustration from the past

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Sweetsoul Bakes is a homespun Bakery business that packs a flavoursome punch! They approached  me at the end of last year looking for some help to make a fully functioning E-commerce site and some nice branding and photos to suit.

By the end of it, we created a fully responsive site, adapting a Shopify Template and adding some clever bits of functionality to create something that has helped bring their flourishing business online.  Why not take a look….or better yet, buy a delicious cake that you won’t forget in a hurry!


A blast from the past

Whilst looking over some of my older files, I also came across an illustration concept that didn’t quite make it into the public arena, but I thought would be worth posting up for posterity’s sake! It’s a children’s council play-park scheme that went ahead a few years ago with Portsmouth City Council, but we ended up using a cleaner typography as the main brand motif.  This logo/graphic therefore remains only on this website :)